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LANDA Detergents

LANDA offers an extensive line of specially formulated pressure washer and parts washer detergents. LANDA pressure washer detergents contain the most advanced detergent formulas available for use with high-pressure cleaning equipment.

Most of the 38 pressure-washer detergent blends contain an exclusive multi-metal corrosion inhibitor package designed so that the detergent protects your equipment as well as prevents flash rusting while cleaning.

We care about the environment. To that end, all LANDA pressure washer and parts washer detergents are biodegradable and each detergent includes a special additive to prevent scale build up.

The liquid and powder pressure washer and parts washer detergents come in 5-gallon pails and 55-gallon drums. Other powder detergent formulas ship in easy-to-handle cartons.

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