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LANDA Aluminum Brighteners

LANDA’s Aluminum Brighteners are Designed for Cleaning Fleets, Trucks, and Trailers.

Bring back luster and shine in far less time with LANDA’s fast acting aluminum brighteners. These detergents are formulated to safely restore oxidized aluminum on trailers, tractors, aircrafts, and other aluminum surfaces.

Landa L-209 One-Step Acid Cleaner-Concentrate 

An aluminum brightener concentrate with a blend of ammonium bifluoride and sulfuric acid to chemically clean and brighten in one step. Removes road film, oxide film and diesel smoke from aluminum trailers. Applications include tractors, trailers, aluminum wheels, tracking, aluminum air craft components, and more….

LANDA Super Nova Aluminum Brightener with Extras 

Highly concentrated, non-fuming, acid detergent with extra wetting agents for the absolute toughest of cleaning jobs, such as road film. Cleans and restores oxidized aluminum. Removes carbon, grease, oils and diesel smoke. Easy to apply. Does not use hydrofluoric acid. Other applications include truck trailers, aluminum wheels, vehicles, preparing aluminum for paining, and many more…

LANDA Nova Aluminum Brightener 

Non-fuming, acid-based cleaner for cleaning and restoring oxidized aluminum. Contains an acid inhibitor formula for minimizing metal removal. Excellent for removing grease, oil and diesel smoke. Uses ammonium bifluoride, not hydrofluoric acid. Applications include truck trailers, aluminum wheels, vehicles, preparing aluminum for painting, and more…