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LANDA Speciality Cleaners

LANDA’s Speciality Cleaners include Formulas for Concrete Cleaning to Coil Conditioning.

For those more specific cleaning needs, rely on LANDA’s line of specialty cleaners. They tackle everything from rusted heating coils and greasy oven vent hoods to painting preparation projects and concrete cleaning (even on a painted surface). Most of these fast acting detergents have a high dilution ratio making them not only the best formula for the job but cost-effective as well.

LANDA L-220 Hood and Vent Cleaner 

An extra-high alkaline cleaner formulated for removing grease, grime and dirt from restaurant vent hoods. Especially effective on grease, fat and soy oils. Biodegradable with rust inhibitor. Applications include vent hoods, commercial kitchens, showers, and restrooms, powder coat and paint stripping, carbon removal, engine cleaning, soak and dip tanks, oil field equipment, and more…

LANDA BlockBuster Hood & Vent Cleaner 

Engineered for the toughest of commercial kitchen cleaning jobs. Highly concentrated, caustic potash-based formula effectively attacks greasy baked-on and burnt-on food and soil. Applications include commercial kitchen vent hoods, floors, showers and other commercial facilities. Do not use on aluminum or painted surfaces.

LANDA Matrix Concrete Cleaner 

A powerful, highly concentrated concrete cleaner for the toughest of cleaning jobs. It is non-caustic and butyl-based but works with the effectiveness of a caustic detergent. Biodegradable and safe for painted surfaces. Formulated for restorative cleaning. Applications include floors, exterior walls, curbs, sidewalks, drilling rigs, machinery, heavy equipment, RVs, buses, and more…

LANDA LazerWash Extra-Strength Cleaner 

Highly concentrated blend of non-fuming acid and surfactants formulated to remove everything from diesel smoke and rust to welding smut. Ideal for cleaning building exteriors, but safe to use on glass and aluminum. Applications include stainless steel cleaning, phosphatizing prep (improving the corrosion- and wear-resistance of a steel surface), dairy milk-stone removal, beerstone removal, and more…

LANDA Phosphatizer Ideal for Paint Preparation 

LANDA Phosphatizer is a complete phosphatizing agent that cuts and removes oil, grease and grime from steel prior to painting. It is a butyl-based, biodegradable cleaner that can be applied using spray, dip or wipe-on cleaning and phosphatizing methods. It also works well in hard or soft water and rinses completely. Applications include all hard metals, steel components, metal pain preparation, and more…

LANDA Mongoose Coil Conditioner 

Inhibited, non-fuming, biodegradable acid cleaner removes rust and hard water deposits from inside heating coils. For pressure washers and boilers. Other applications include rust removal.