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LANDA Parts Washer Detergents

LANDA’s Parts Washer Detergents are Formulated for Aqueous Parts Washers.

When it comes to parts washers, not just any detergent will get the job done right. But Landa aqueous parts washer detergents are specially formulated to do just that. They get the job done right and they get it done fast. These safe, non-caustic formulas protect your parts washer and increase the effectiveness of your parts washing.

LANDA L-229 Heavy Duty Parts Washer 

A d-limonene-based formula for extra tough cleaning of grease and grime. With a buffered alkalinity for maximum performance and extended life, L-229 is excellent for use in all parts washers. It has a pleasant citrus scent and Landa’s rust and corrosion inhibitors to prevent oxidation.

LANDA Hyper Drive Parts Washer Detegent 

Non-foaming, non-caustic, powder blend ideal for automatic parts washers because of its unsurpassed multi-metal rust and corrosion inhibitor formula. Excellent for steel, aluminum, copper, brass, and plastic. Also works in soak and ultrasonic tanks.