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Spray-Flex & Telescoping Specialty Wands for Reaching Hard-to-Reach Places




Spray-Flex & Telescoping Specialty Wands

LANDA’s popular telescoping wands provide safe cleaning capability of up to 24 feet—long enough to reach gutters and eaves on a two-story building—without the need for a ladder or scaffolding. Made of fiberglass so they’re lightweight and evenly balanced, each is rated for up to 3,000 PSI and water temperature of up to 200°F. Additional accessories include a shoulder strap and belt as well as a gutter-cleaning attachment. Telescoping wands eliminate the need for scaffolding or ladders by extending your reach without jeopardizing your safety. Will extend up to 24’ allowing you to clean a two-story building while on the ground.

Guns & Wands Accessories Brochure (324k pdf)





Spray-Flex Wand

Spray-Flex flexible wands can bend the high-pressure
spray for easier access to hard-to-reach places such
as eaves, gutters and wheel wells.