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Wet Sandblaster for Dust-Free Stripping of Paint




LANDA – Wet Sandblaster

For dust-free stripping of paint from walls, barnacles from ships, etc.

For the extra-tough cleaning tasks, wet sandblasting is the dust-free solution. LANDA’s sandblasters attach to a hot- or cold-water pressure washer and, using a venturi, mixes in sand or other abrasive media with the high-pressure spray of the power washer to create enough cleaning power to strip paint off concrete or barnacles from a ship’s hull. The sandblasting nozzle is made of tungsten carbide for long life. A variety of safety features, including a face shield, come standard with the sandblaster.

Features: Long-Lasting Nozzle • Wand Quick Couples to High-Pressure Gun or Pressure Washer • Metering Valve • Pneumatic Tires • Includes Sand Probe • Sand-Pot Assembly • Ball Valve for Sand Control.

Wet Sandblaster Accessories Brochure (220k pdf)