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SIEBRING Waste Oil Heaters

SIEBRING Heatwave Waste Oil Heaters turn your supply of used oil into free heat for your shop, warehouse or building. SIEBRING heaters incorporate the most convenient features and safety precautions into the industry’s most durable units. Reduce your waste oil liability while heating your shop for free. Over 90 years of manufacturing know-how goes into every Heatwave Waste Oil Heater.



Heatwave 150

The 150,000 BTU Heatwave Waste Oil Furnace Features:

• Uses 1.10 Gallons Oil Per Hour.
• A fully assembled unit, ready to set into place.
• Easy cleaning Access from Both Sides
• A blower that pushes air approximately 40-50 feet and gives a temperature rise of 70 degrees.
• A unit that will heat 1500-2000 sq. ft. at -10 degrees and hold a 65 degree indoor temperature. (5,000 Max. Sq. Footage)
• Shipping Weight 540 lbs.
• Dimensions: 70”L x 42”W x 40”H The electrical, fuel source and chimney installation are to be arranged by the customer.

Shown with Optional Tank Stand

Heatwave 250

The 250,000 BTU Heatwave Waste Oil Furnace Features:

• Uses 1.75 Gallons Oil Per Hour
• Heats 2,000 – 2,700 sq. ft. at -10 degrees and holds a 65 degree indoor temperature. (8,000 Max. Sq. Footage)
• Easy cleaning access from both sides.
• Tank and stand available.
• Shipping Weight 820 lbs.
• Dimensions: 80”L x 45”W x 47”H

Heatwave 350

The 350,000 BTU Heatwave Waste Oil Furnace Features:

• Uses 2.75 Gallons Oil Per Hour
• Easy cleaning from both sides.
• A top-mounted blower equipped with an energy efficient
motor, offering a 40% energy savings (makes a small
“footprint” on the shop floor!)
• Heat that can be piped or used most preferably as a
horizontal air heat source for large buildings 40’ x 80’ in
-10 to 65 degree interior temperatures. (12,000 Max. Sq. Footage)
• Simple maintenance which requires cleaning of the fire box and proper disposal of any solid waste accumulations – usually a light ash is all that remains.
• Shipping Weight 1,080 lbs.
• 74”L x 43”W x 85”H

The Phoenix (#6045)

Animal Carcass Incinerator

• On-site handling reduces potential for spread of disease
• 100# Per hour burning capacity
• Keep the rest of your herd healthy by incinerating carcdasses quickly
• Reduce your liability by keeping infected animals from leaving yur property.
• Safer disposal practices strengthen consumer confidence in the marketplace
Easier Cleaning: The Phoenix incinerator features a unique “Birds’ Mouth” opening – which means the top half of the unit lifts completely off allowing for easier cleanout with less effort, quicker cleaning allowing for more burning time and a more complete cleanout due to a flatter bottom.
Easy to Operate: Integrated timer allows you to load the unit, start the burner, set time and leave unattended • Built-in hand crank opens door easily • One button start on burner • Virtually odor-free when operated correctly.
• 60” x 45” x 22”
• 750 lbs.
• 500 lb. Capacity
• 12 Gauge Stainless Steel Construction
• One-Year Warranty from date of purchase on materials including burner, fan, timers, controls and shell