NS Wash Systems

Designing and building superior equipment has been a tradition at NS Corporation since its inception in 1961, when founder G. Thomas Ennis recognized the need for more efficient and reliable vehicle wash systems. Located in Inglewood, California, NS Corporation is the largest vehicle wash manufacturer on the West Coast. NS Corporation is an ISO 9001:2008 and UL certified company that maintains the highest levels of quality in the industry.

NS Corporation was originally incorporated in Pennsylvania in 1967 as NS Car Wash Enterprises, Inc. In the late 1970s, NS responded to the needs of the transit sector and expanded its engineering and manufacturing capacity to fulfill the vehicle cleaning requirements of Bus, Truck, and Rail operations. In March 1980, the name of the corporation was changed to NS Corporation to reflect the company’s diversification. NS’ breadth in the marketplace is unmatched by any domestic or international competitor.

The NS team has the expertise to build quality wash systems that deliver a consistently clean, polished vehicle. The design simplicity of our systems deliver low maintenance and operating costs along with high customer satisfaction.

Much of NS Corporation’s long term success is attributable to its founder, one of the industry’s godfathers, G. Thomas Ennis. Mr. Ennis began washing cars in the mid 1950s. He ran his first car wash at the age of 20, in Sharon, PA, Valley Car Wash. In 1967, Mr. Ennis was issued his first patent for his wrap around brushes. “We deliver clean, dry cars with simple equipment. I have always tried to simplify design, rather than over engineer our equipment. I hope to benefit our customers in this way, maintenance costs are extremely low for our product line.”


Mr. Ennis’ philosophy is simple, “I just want to help our customers save and make more money by producing high quality, efficient vehicle wash equipment.” NS has emphasized in its design standards, wash systems that require less maintenance and also carry a smaller energy footprint. Mr. Ennis, also an owner/retail car wash operator adds, “Labor costs are increasing rapidly. Regulation is only intensifying. Operator’s utility bills are increasing. We want to help our customers lower their expenses and increase revenue.

As resources such as water and power become more scarce, the industry will face intense lobbying with regard to power and water usage. NS is way ahead of the industry here!” These are just a few simple ways that NS Corporation has set the standard and continues to blaze the trail in the vehicle wash marketplace.

Ultimately, “our success is directly a result of the success of our customers.” We look forward to working with you as partner in the wash industry and remain committed to your long term success.

Learn more about us and the organization through the ns-corporation-company-overview-brochure.