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ACE-450 (Liquid)

ACE-450 (Liquid)


Low Foaming Heavy Duty Aluminum Parts Cleaner Concentrate

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ACE-450 is a heavy duty cleaner for aluminum designed to remove grease and oil from industrial parts. ACE-450 will slightly etch aluminum during the cleaning process, giving it a bright look. Its low surface tension makes it the ideal choice for transmission or drivetrain rebuilders who need a cleaner to penetrate around breakings and vanes while its special buffers help prevent destruction of sensitive aluminum parts.

ACE-450 Features

  • Liquid
  • Ultra Concentrate
  • Good for cleaning aluminum and steel
  • Not designed for polished or brushed aluminum
  • Non-emulsifying and compatible with oil skimming systems
  • Built in rust inhibitors
  • Built in defoamer

Additional information

Weight 464 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 23 × 36 in

5 Gallon Bucket, 55 Gallon Drum