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Tornado BDSO 20/21 Stand-On Rider Floor Scrubber

Tornado BDSO 20/21 Stand-On Rider Floor Scrubber


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BDSO 20/21 Stand-On Rider Floor Scrubber

Tornado BDSO 20/21 Stand-On Scrubber combines the comfort and efficiency of a rider with the practicality of a small scrubber. This 20″ stand-on model can be maneuvered easily through standard-size doorways thanks to its low profile. It has a tight 53 inch turning radius. 90 degree steering and squeegee rotation that follows the machine on every curve. Spend less time cleaning floors with the ability to cover 22,000 sq. ft./hr. and the flexibility to tackle a variety of floor surfaces. The 48.5 lbs of down pressure and 140 rpm of agitation maximizes soil removal, while the water recovery system provides a streak-free clean that leaves floors dry and safe. The intuitive controls reduce the training time for your most inexperienced employees. Clean any time with quiet operation and continue to clean for up to four hours with the optional battery.

  • Intuitive controls minimizes training time
  • 90° squeegee rotation in both directions follows the machine on every turn
  • Tight 53 inch turning radius
  • Easy-turn steering wheel knob for one-handed operation
  • Solution fill hose that can conveniently attach to a faucet
  • Inline solution filter for optimal solution flow
  • Easily-accessible design keeps downtime to a minimum
  • Low-profile provides clear sight lines
  • On-board charger
  • Convenient squeegee lever for double scrubbing
  • Optional batteries provides up to four hours of continuous use

Additional information

Weight 540 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 27.5 × 53 in

Solution Tank

14.5 Gallons

Cleaning Path

20" inch.