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Enzyme Drain Cleaner and Odor Control

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Drain-Zyme is a high-impact grase digester designed to help maintain clean pipelines and traps that contain organic grease and oil. This multi-strain bacterial digester with enzyme begins working on souls upon contact and our proprietary deodorizer begins working on odors immediately.

Drain-Zyme Features

  • pH neutral (will not interfere with oil separating or water treatment systems
  • No phenols
  • Caustic and Acid Free


  • For best results, open any clogged drain lines and apply during the lowest flow rate times. Drain-Zyme can be used to open sluggishly draining lines as the biologically active cultures work at removing the soil impeding flow rate.
  • Initial dosage should be twice, 2x, the recommended maintenance dosage
  • Once system is under maintenance control, use approximately two (2) ounces for each inch diameter of pipeline daily. For example, a two inch pipeline would use four ounces daily for control of heavy grease and oil while a four inch pipeline would use eight ounces daily for control of heavy grease and oil

Additional information

Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 14.5 in

1 Gallon Bottle, 5 Gallon Bucket