Jenfab Belt Washer, Parts Washer Conveyor

Jenfab Belt Washer, Parts Washer Conveyor


Custom designed to tackle your parts cleaning needs


Jenfab’s belt washers are designed to offer continuous flow cleaning and drying capabilities within a compact footprint. These versatile systems can be found in manufacturing facilities worldwide within the automotive, aerospace, die casting, medical, electronics sectors and more.

Jenfab belt washers clean parts by directing high-pressure, high-volume wash, rinse and rust inhibiting solutions onto parts as they are conveyed through spray chambers.

The belt washer floods the parts from above and below, as well as from both sides, using an overlapping spray that uniformly forces the solution into the contours of the parts. The high-pressure spray, combined with the high-volume flow of sprayed solution, effectively removes oils, drawing lube, soils, dirt, chips and other debris.

After the wash and rinse stages have been completed, the parts then enter a recirculating dryer that efficiently removes water from the parts without wasting energy. Jenfab belt washers are also designed with longevity and efficiency in mind. This can be seen through our use of vertical, seal-less pumps; stainless steel tanks and enclosures; adjustable belt tensioners; and detachable clip nozzles.

Machine maintenance is made as worry free as possible, with features such as large holding tanks, filters and oil coalescing systems that assist in maintaining tank life for extended periods and improving cleanliness.

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