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Landa Coil Clean, Scale And Deposit Remover, 8 Lb Bucket

Landa Coil Clean, Scale And Deposit Remover, 8 Lb Bucket


Inhibited Acid Concentrated Scale & Deposit Remover

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Landa Coil Clean is a scale and deposit remover in an effective and economical dry form. It is derived from a sulfamic acid base and is compounded with a corrosion inhibitor and a pH color indicator.

Landa coil descaler will clean heat exchange surfaces without damaging the metal, while its built-in color indicator will inform the user when the acid is consumed and when it is neutralized for discharge to the sewer.

Dosage Requirements

  • Normal Duty: 5-0% in water (2-4 lbs./5 gal.)
  • Heavy Duty: 10-12% in water (4-5 lbs./5 gal.)
  • Frequent Descaling: 2-5% in water (3/4-2 lbs./5 gal.)
  • Temperature: Coil Clean is effective in cold water, but faster results are obtained at temperatures from 140-160°F. DO NOT overheat. The corrosion inhibitor will break down at temperatures above 180°F.

Cleaning Procedure

  • Recirculate Coil Clean as a red solution initially at full strength.
  • As it is consumed in the cleaning process, the pH will rise to 2.8.
  • The solution will then be 80-90% consumed and will turn yellow.
  • If additional cleaning is needed, add more product until the solution turns red.

Disposal Procedure

  • Pump the spent (yellow) solution to a holding container and neutralize it with either soda ash or caustic soda until it turns blue at a pH of 9.2.
  • Dispose in accordance with local regulations.
  • NOTE: The increase in pH will cause dissolved minerals to precipitate in the holding tank.

  • Part Number: 8.718-911.0
  • Cross Reference: 87189110

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in