Landa MWP-30E, Mobile Wash Water Recovery System

Landa MWP-30E, Mobile Wash Water Recovery System



Recover up to 30 GPM with the Landa MWP-30E water reclaim system.

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The Landa MWP Recovery System, model MWP-30E,  stops wash water from flowing down a drain or away from your area by collecting the wastewater from pressure washing. As EPA laws become more prevalent and strive to conserve water quality, contract cleaners and construction sites will need to recover their wash water and runoff.

Its small footprint allows the Landa MWP-30E to be mounted on a trailer. Be fully in control of water flow with the optional water dikes and drain covers to stop water from flowing down a drain or away from your site.

The Landa MWP-30E system helps the environment while staying compliant, as many cities and states require wash water recovery. This system can make a complicated wash water recovery simple. With a compact footprint and a drain port at the bottom of the tank provides an easy option to clean out sludge recovered.

Landa MWP-30E Includes

  • 27 Gallon Tank
  • 50′ Vac Hose
  • Scupper Head

Landa MWP-30E Features

  • Transfer Pump – Reliable 120v pump capable of transferring 30 GPM of water to the holding tank.
  • Recovery Tank – High density polyethylene for excellent thermal and chemical resistance, excellent impact resistance, and UV protected for longer life. The tank holds 27 gallons of water and has an optional caster wheel kit for easy site mobility.
  • Power Options – 120v, 15 amp can be run off a 3500 watt generator.
  • Bulk Head Fittings – Plumb the tank to an auxiliary tank for larger volume recovery needs.
  • Bolt-on Mounting System – Configured on the base to mount to a trailer for portability from site to site.
  • High Water Shutdown – Protect the unit
  • Curbside Controls – For easy use and compact design and 15′ power cord for an extended reach.
  • 3 Stage Vacuum Motor – Delivers 100 CFM, 100″ sealed lift vacuum for a constant pull. The unit is rated for water up to 120° F and compatible with surface cleaners and hot water machines.
  • Molded Handles – Integrated to provide a solid grip and easy loading and transportation
  • Filter Basket – Quick access through top of unit to catch solids
  • Inlet Connection – Fits the included 50′ of high temperature 2″ vac hose and scupper head.

  • Part Number: 1.103-518.0
  • Cross Reference: 11035180

Additional information

Weight 125 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 48 × 50 in