Advanced Cleaning Equipment
Power Clean #1 – 55 Gal.

Power Clean #1 – 55 Gal.


Low pH Commercial Transportation Cleaner Concentrate


Power Clean #1 is a concentrated 2-step acid used in low pH/high pH vehicle wash systems.

Be sure to wear protective equipment when using, including safety glasses, acid resistant gloves, apron, and rubber boots. This product does contain HYDROFLUORIC ACID.


  • High Foaming
  • Cuts road film and aluminum oxide
  • Leaves a fresh aluminum surface for welding, polishing, striping, paint or pre-paint treatments.


  • Use concentrations vary widely with operating parameters and conditions.
  • As a starting point, use 1 part Power Clean #1 with 25 parts water, or 4oz/gallon. THIS PRODUCT MUST BE USED ACCORDING TO REQUIRED SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS AND WITH NECESSARY SAFETY EQUIPMENT.

Additional information

Weight 464 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 23 × 36 in