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JenFab TL-72

JenFab TL-72

Top Load Parts Washer


Jenfab TL (Top Load) line of parts washer is perfect for cellular washing or for those installations that need a highly value added cleaning process in a small space. These systems can include stainless steel construction options, rinse stages, and blow-off stages. As a custom application, these diverse machines can be designed with a turntable as large as needed and weight capacities to match. We can even index the turntable for robotic load and unload.


  • Swing-away top manifold for easy loading and unloading clearance
  • Low water shut-off protects heat elements
  • Bushed stainless steel V-Jet nozzles
  • Mechanical door seals instead of leaky rubber seals
  • Gear drive turntable with overcurrent protection
  • Strut or hydraulic actuated lid. TL-42 models and above have standard hydraulic actuated lids.
  • Debris screen
  • Option ready shelf for easy, plug-n-play infield installation
  • Control panel features NEMA rated electrical closure and IEC components with rotary illuminated cam switches, meeting NFPA wiring standards


  • Various voltages available: 230v 1-phase, 208v 3-phase, 230v 3-phase, 460v 3-phase, 575v 3-phase, Canadian CSA standards and industrial upgrades
  • Disc-style stainless oil skimmer
  • Stainless steel construction with all wetted components- SS2 package
  • Auto water fill
  • Low water fill
  • Particulate bag filtration
  • 1 or 2 function timers
  • Insulation packages
  • High pressure/flow pumps
  • Custom part fixturing and spray manifolds
  • Power disconnect
  • Freshwater or re-circulating rinse options
  • Compressed air or regenerative blow-off systems, heated or non-heated

Cabinet Materials Available

  • Mild Steel
  • Cabinet Only Stainless
  • All Wetted Surfaces Stainless (Except Pump)

Power Available

  • 230v 3ph
  • 460v 3ph
  • 208v 3ph
  • 575v 3ph

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