Scrubbers & Sweepers

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Sweeping like the professionals. Sweeping can be so easy. With sweepers from Kärcher, footpaths, garage entrances and terraces can be cleaned quickly, conveniently and reliably. All outdoor areas will quickly shine with a new gleam – without the need for any strenuous bending over. No broom can match their cleaning performance.

S 650 Push Sweeper

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Kärcher multi-purpose vacuum cleaners are extremely robust and ideally equipped for quick and thorough cleaning of all areas around the house or outside, e.g. cellars, garages or terraces. Whether fine, coarse, wet or dry: thanks to the range of practical features, all types of dirt are easily removed. And the exceptionally high suction power and specially developed nozzles enable even large dirt particles to be easily picked up.

Indoor Wet/Dry Vacuum

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