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Jenfab ORCA-3648

Jenfab ORCA-3648


The Jenfab Orca-3648 roll-in door parts washing system is automatic and in many cases, can pay for itself in less than one year through avoided labor costs. Eliminates the need to manually clean parts with an old scrub tub, pressure washer or potentially harmful solvents.

Sprocket Driven Turntable

  • Unlike competitors, the Jenfab Orca uses a sprocket driven turntable that eliminates chains, belts and tire drives, which can stretch or slip resulting in poor cleaning performance, increased maintenance and component replacement.

Oil Skimmer

  • The Jenfab Orca comes equipped standard with a disc style oil skimmer to remove oily residues and help extend the life of your cleaning solution.

Swing Down Spray Bar

  • The swing down spray bar reduces the distance from the part to the nozzle for better impingement on smaller parts, providing faster, more efficient cleaning.

Vertical, No Seal Pump

  • The vertical, no seal pump ensures that you’ll never have to worry about pump leaks or changing seals.

Quick Specs

  • Model: Orca-3648
  • Load Design: Roll-In Door
  • Construction: Mild Steel
  • Dimensions: 47″ x 65″ x 85″
  • Turntable Diameter: 36 inches
  • Inside Working Height: 48 inches
  • Weight Capacity: 1,500 lbs.
  • Load Height: 30 inches
  • Solution: 110 gallons
  • Pump: 5 HP
  • Pump PSI: 58
  • Pump GPM: 85
  • Heat: 12 kw

Standard Features

  • Precision V-jet brass nozzles
  • Mechanical door seal
  • Gear-driven turntable
  • Forklift access pockets
  • Vertical, no seal pump
  • 8″ wheel oil skimmer
  • 60 minute wash timer
  • Swing down spray bar
  • Chip basket
  • Low water shutoff system
  • Overfill drain
  • Seven day programmable timer for heat and skimmer
  • Auto water fill

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