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The Kärcher FJ6 foam nozzle provides a powerful foaming action for easy vehicle cleaning. It can also be used to clean garden furniture, siding, stairways, RV’s, paths, walls, patios, driveways, etc. The FJ6 container holds approximately 20 ounces. To use the Kärcher FJ6, simply pour Kärcher detergent directly into the foam nozzle, add water (if using concentrated detergent), attach the nozzle to your pressure washer gun and apply the foam. The detergent dose can be easily adjusted on the foam nozzle using the yellow dial on top. The jet level can be easily adjusted as required. The FJ6 foam nozzle is compatible with all Kärcher K1-K5 pressure washers. NOTE: Older pressure washers made in 2010 or earlier will also require Adapter M. The FJ 6 is not compatible with K1700-K2300 power washers or gas pressure washers.

Part number: 2.643-147.0

Tank with 0.6 litre capacity

  • Lasts longer without refilling

Easy replacement of various RM

  • Easy to attach

Powerful, adhering foam

  • Effortless cleaning of all surfaces

Detergent dosing

  • Cleaning agent consumption depends on use.

Transparent detergent container

  • Contents always visible.

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Weight 1 lbs