Jenfab Vertical Chain Conveyor, VCC

Jenfab Vertical Chain Conveyor, VCC


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Jenfab’s compact Vertical Chain Conveyor (VCC) washers are designed to offer high output, continuous flow cleaning and drying capabilities within a minimal footprint. These versatile parts washer systems can be found in manufacturing facilities worldwide within the automotive, aerospace, die casting, medical and electronic industries.

The Jenfab VCC machine uses cross rods connected to a pair of stainless roller chains that hold and support fixtures that convey parts through various process stations. The conveyor moves the parts from the load station and then into and out of each process station. This vertical path reduces floor space requirements when compared to horizontal belt conveyors, and provides aggressive immersion cleaning in addition to spray cleaning action.

The chain conveyor is indexed on a programmable timed cycle to allow adequate cleaning and drying, as well as loading and unloading of parts. After the parts are loaded, they are immersed in solution and continuously flushed by submerged spray jets. A high volume of solution is delivered around, through and into the parts being processed.

This high-pressure submerged spray shears away soils, chips, coolants and surface contaminants. The solution is continually recirculated through the filtration and chip collection system and discharged back through the submerged jets directed onto the parts. The pressurized spray under solution has proven more effective for cleaning blind holes and removing chips than conventional turbulation systems created by inductor nozzles, which move high volumes of solution, but without the solution pressure. The VCC can be designed as an in-line or return to operator system

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